Our Produce

What We Grow

Here’s a fun fact: We use an environmentally friendly and sustainable closed-loop system. It uses 90% less water and 80% less nutritional resources than a conventional farm so nutrients go into the water and the plants are constantly uptaking those nutrients.


Current Offerings: Basil and Arugula

So fresh it’s like herb clippings straight from grandma’s garden. (It’s no wonder our lush basil is a local favorite.) Our herbs are harvested weekly in small batches and can be found in stores near you. 


Current Offerings: Gourmet lettuces (4 different types of romaine, collard greens, mustard greens, kale, and rainbow chard) and over 25 different varieties of lettuce.

Not to brag, but we’re better than your wholesale distributor and we’ve got the plants to prove it! We wholesale high-quality greens and herbs that our local chefs swear by. 


Current Offerings: Rainbow Mix (8 different types of seeds) and Spicy Salad Mix. We can also grow: Micro arugula, micro mint, daikon radish, popcorn shoots, mint, purple radish, and amaranth.

Don’t see your favorite microgreen on here or have a special seed in mind? We are down to experiment and take on the challenge.

What Makes Our Produce Different

“The aroma, the texture, the feel…It’s a whole different kind of plant.” – Mike Z., Gro-op Co-Founder, Buffalo Local

None of that stale stuff: These plants are FRESH.

Our small-batch herbs are harvested and delivered weekly so it’s like you’re eating fresh clippings straight from the garden. 

Hyperlocally grown, delicious as heck.

Ordering from us is one of the biggest benefits you could do for Buffalo! We are a democratically-owned cooperative, and we partner with local schools offering job training for at-risk youth and youth with mental and physical disabilities so we can help keep jobs local.

 Good for you, me, the planet, and our kiddos.

We focus on using all non-synthetic natural processes and products to grow our food. All of our nutrient supplements and fungicides are OMRI listed products.  

Hearty herbs not herbicides.

We don’t use any herbicides and if do use any pesticides they are OMRI listed.

We’re kinda perfectionists.

Because we are aquaponics farmers, we get to control the entire environment creating the perfect place for plants to grow and make their leaves.

Eat your veggies in the winter.

Buffalo has a 3-month growing season, but because we’re an aquaponics farm we grow year round.

Who Orders From Us

Grocery Stores

We harvest our produce weekly and deliver them right to you! Grocery stores love us because of our values and their customers like us because our produce tastes really frickin’ good. Our produce can be found in Buffalo at all Lexington Cooperative Markets and the East Aurora Cooperative Market.

Restaurant Sourcing

We’ve had chefs keep coming back to us and saying our basil is worth every penny. We are known for our freshness, consistency, and excellent preservation time due to our small batch harvesting and perfectly controlled environment for growing vibrant produce. We can also grow and provide individual flats so chefs can immediately harvest right from the plant. Local restaurants that buy our produce include Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria, Buffalo Melting Pot, 100 Acres: The Kitchens at Hotel Henry, Five Points Bakery, and Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino.

Institutional Provider

We provide a solution for sustainable food sourcing to universities, hospitals, and other large institutions that deeply care about what they are feeding to their communities. We deliver directly to you with produce that has been immediately harvested. Currently, we serve Fresh Fix, an online food purchasing business, and Canisius University.

Order Up!


Give us a shout for a price quote on any of our herbs, greens, or microgreens.


• Tell us which plants you want

• Desired quantity of each plant

• Your delivery address

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can to complete your order.

We take care of our workers, including the scaly ones!

We care about our hometown, our people, and our planet, but we also care about the fish in our aquaponic vertical farm. We believe in the ethical treatment of fish and implement our beliefs by not overcrowding our tanks and ensuring a clean environment for the fish in our farm. We keep a variety of fish including catfish, koi, and goldfish in our farm’s ecosystem. We also mindfully introduced plecostomus (the suckermouth catfish—yes it’s quite a name) to regulate the algae, predatory nematodes to attack harmful insects, and teeny Gammarus shrimp (or scubs) to clean the solid fish waste.

Want to grow your own food? We can help!

We are very familiar with setting up aquaponic and/or vertical farming structures within your own home due to our own humble beginnings as well as plenty of research. At our farm, we combine the best of 21st-century technology and thousand-year-old farming practices. We will bring our farming know-how and build you a system so you can start growing quality food right at the convenience of your own home.